Manufacturing Facility

Star fasteners is a supply partner and offers a comprehensive advice support package.
Applying core technologies in

  • Cold Forming
  • Cold Rolling
  • Machining
  • Electroplating
  • Aluminum Zinc Flake coating (Dacro)

Turning Ideas into Reality

Using cold forming techniques generates maximum savings, when used for mass production parts. In principle, any ductile metal or alloy can be cold formed. The degree of deformation depends on the ductility or plasticity of the alloy Concerned.

Benefits of Cold forming

  • Saving of raw material when compared with the conventional machining process ,
  • Mass production efficiencies.
  • Tight tool related tolerances can be ensured on products in mass production.
  • Single part replace assemblies.

The basis of the mechanical properties

Optimum product quality begins with the right raw material.
So at Starways, the supplier relationships are likewise long-term and in-depth.

The optimum choice and quality of raw material is at the heart of high-end functional products. That?s why Starways collaborates only with the audited and certified suppliers. Open two-way communication is at the centre of our material planning and assurance of supply. Our suppliers are a key link in the added-value chain. We guarantee that standards and specifications are met from the start, with the supply of the best starting materials.
Extensive experience enables us to specify exactly the right material according to the requirements of the final component.

Perfect raw material form the basis for perfect parts.
Incoming raw material are subject to rigorous test procedures.
Detailed quality agreements with our suppliers ensure that only perfect materials are used in our production processes.

The Right Choice.
The choice of a material for cold forming depends mainly on the required specification and mechanical properties of the finished parts.
In general, low alloyed materials are used in cold forming because they have the best ductility characteristics.

The criteria for ideal materials are :

  • Optimum deformable grain structure.
  • Homogeneous metallic properties.
  • Low non-metallic inclusions.
  • Crack and damage free surfaces.
  • Well coated, cold rolled wire surfaces.

Tooling Matters

In-house tool design and manufacture form the basis forthe development of picture-perfect parts.

Know-how in the development and manufacture of press tooling is decisive in achieving the best possible end-product quality.
Ever-increasing demands on product design, complexity and finish impact ontooling requirements.

Component accuracy and increased tool-lives depend on continuous co-operation between our designers, toolmakers and manufacturing.

CNC Machine

Machining and re-forming Processes

Ready to fit components, thanks to comprehensive secondary operations.

Producing ready-to-fit components requires a high degree of engineering competence.

A wide range of secondary process options enhances the capabilities offered by both cold forming and our other related manufacturing process. Using secondary processes translates into high production efficiencies. For our customers, it means that an expert supplier is responsible for handling the entire process right up to the plant assembly line.

Complete Spectrum of Secondary Operations

  • Re-forming
  • CNC Turning
  • Thread Rolling
  • Grinding
  • Knurling
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Straightening
  • Tapping

CNC Machine

Using a range of different heat treatment processes enables mechanical properties to be accurately determined.

The wide potential offered by cold forming can be further extended by using specialist heat treatment processes. It is thus possible to successfully address such conflicting requirements as ductile alloys for forming, against toughness and hardness of the end product.

Metallurgical changes resulting from heat treatment are carefully controlled by process setting, fully monitored and documented. Any moments in parameters are corrected through control loops. Our main process of heat treatment are,

  • Through Hardening and tempering.
  • Carborising.
  • Carbo-Nitriding.
  • Induction hardening and Tempering.

CNC Machine

Corrosion / Proofing.

Our surface treatments focus on improving corrosion protection, adjusting the friction co-efficient and enhancing component aesthetics.
Any desired finish can be achieved by the appropriate surface treatment.

We have the following facilities for

  • Electro Plating.
  • Non-electrolytically deposited surface systems. ( Zinc flake coating )